Thursday, February 9, 2012

2013 activity

Well good news on all fronts, we are almost ready to publish our large battalion Horse and Musket core ruleset, with WSS, WAS, FIW, 7YW and AWI variants. In the coming weeks we should finish play testing them, and then they will be available from the blog via a PDF.

The Royal Cart Grease has progressed with the masters complete for two coaches and work on two wagons and a jig well underway. Horses are still proving a challenge so until we sort that out you will need to source your own for now.

Buildings, the final drawings are almost complete and I am currently sourcing quotes for the laser cutting of the masters for the European Horse and Musket range. I am also considering a foray into walls and other farm structures.

Flags.....are progressing more artwork is required before they will be completely ready though.